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Annual dues are $350.00, to be submitted once the application for membership has been approved by the board. (Those that enter after the first meeting can prorate the check for their dues at $50.00 plus $75.00 membership fee times the number of meetings remaining in the year). The annual dues provide for the expenses of the council, including the cost of dinners for members.

Members may feel free to invite colleagues and/or associates as their guests to meetings; however, there is a $30.00 per person guest charge. The name(s) of the guest(s) should be submitted to the secretary prior to the meeting and the check be paid at the check in table.

Please note: member’s dining privileges are non transferable (i.e. no member can send a guest to dine “in his/her place” – all non-members must pay the guest charge).

Membership Dues Notice for 2022–23

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